Rosh Hashannah Special

Rosh Hashannah Special Bundle

Take Me In… CD
Shofar In The Key Of Worship CD
SHOFAR! “The Voice of God” DVD

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Take Me In Wall Art

 Premium Canvas Print

Featuring the cover art from “Take Me In”

14″ X 11″

This item can be shipped to addresses in USA only.

No International orders will be excepted.


SHOFAR! “The Voice of God” DVD



Shofar Personalized Embroidered Carry Bag With the purchase of a Shofar

Add a Personalized Embroidered carry Bag to your Shofar purchase.  The carry bag is customized to the size of your Shofar and can include a “Custom machine embroidery of your name and/or scripture reference upon approval.”

Personalized Carry Bags are only sold with the purchace of a Shofar.

Yemenite Shofar – Kudu Horns

Shofars are available through Voice of God Shofars! Through a special arrangement with a craftsman in Israel, we have a limited number of shofars to make available to you. These are high quality Yemenite shofars usually pitched in “E” or “F” and have been personally inspected and play tested by Don. These shofars have been prayed over and anointed for service to the kingdom by Don and Sue Heist. These are rare high quality horns intended to be used to further the Kingdom of God.

You may also order your Shofar with a Personalized Embroidered carry Bag.

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Don’s Personal Shofar Conditioning Oil

For years people have been asking Don how he treats and preserves his shofars. Now Voice of God Shofar Ministry is making it available to shofar players everywhere. This secret mixture of various oils conditions the shofar and makes it stronger against cracking and breaking. It is exactly the same oil Don has been using for years.  It is sent to you in a sealed 4 oz bottle with reusable screw on cap. One bottle will last a very long time.  Be sure to order yours today!

The Shofar

By Richard Booker

Have You Heard The Sound Of The Shofar? The shofar is one of the most ancient musical instruments that are still used in our modern world. We first read about it in the book of Exodus when God blew the shofar to call the people to Himself at Mount Sinai. Throughout the ages, the shofar has been an important part of Jewish life. But in these last days Believers are being called by God to discover the Jewish roots of their faith. The result is that there is a growing interest around the world in the use and sounds of the shofar. In this publication, Dr. Booker tells us what the Bible says about the shofar, how it calls us to the Messiah, and the practical application of the shofar for our lives today. Dr. Booker helps you discover: The importance and use of the shofar, The shofar and the Messiah, Why the shofar is blown, The basic sounds of the shofar, The shofar and Jesus, The call of the shofar for our lives today

Shofar In The Key Of Worship

 “Shofar In The Key Of Worship”

An All New Shofar CD by Don Heist

Produced and Arranged by David McKay

and recorded Live in Nashville, TN

Banner Key Front and Back

Surviving The Anointing

by David Ravenhill

Surviving the Anointing is a solid teaching tool for church leaders who are facing not only their own struggles but also reaping the fallout of recent moral failings of nationally well-known church leaders. David Ravenhill addresses the very real issues of how and why modern-day pastors and church leaders succumb to the enemy. He offers practical ways to survive the calling and the anointing. He openly discusses the inherent pitfalls of being anointed and compares today’s trials and troubles to those faced by biblical leaders.

Protecting Your Home From Spiritual Darkness

Chuck D. Pierce & Rebecca Wagner Sytsema

Learn how to rid your home of destructive objects and spiritual darkness to create a fortress of love and light for your family. Too many Christians are completely unaware of how the enemy has gained access to their homes through what they own. This practical, easy-to-read book shows you how to pray through your home and property in order to lock out evil and experience a richer spiritual life.

With Protecting Your Home from Spiritual Darkness, you’re just 10 steps away from bringing freedom and security in Christ to your home!



Take Me In…

Anointed songs of Worship and Healing by Don Heist

The title song “Take Me In to the Holy of Holies” by David Browning is an awesome song of reverence and worship. Other tracks include an all shofar arrangement of “Amazing Grace”, and a special remake of “Come Let’s Go Up to the Mountain” featuring a guest appearance by Paul Wilbur. Dr. Karl Coke reads scripture throughout this project. In addition to all this, there are “bonus tracks” for your own personal use when you need a shofar sounded in your home or office to release healing, breakthrough from bondage, deliverance, to do warfare, and so much more!

The Shofar is a biblical trumpet used in worship as well as a tool used by God declaring PRAISE, VICTORY, DELIVERANCE, and HEALING of His Land and people.