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Evangelist Oluwafeyihanwa T Madedor,

Orlando Florida

“Glory be to God on high. The Healing Rain program was a great success. We saw the power of God first hands as the man of God blew the SHOFAR over the people. Miracles were recorded on Friday, Saturday and Today. The most profound miracle to me was when THE SHOFAR SOUNDED ITSELF  Today at Christ Apostolic Church of Orlando. The man of God finished playing with the worship team and he hung up the shofar on the rack and as he turned around to talk to the Church, we all heard one of the shofar sound itself profoundly without anyone blowing it. The whole Church was stunned because we all heard the sound. Personally I felt the hands of God on me. We thank God for the people who were able to make it to the Sisters of Esther’s event this weekend in Orlando. We believe that your healing and deliverance is permanent in Jesus name. Hold on to the faith. Jesus saves and he heals as well”.

“I listened to your segment on the Sid Roth and Paul Wilbur show (It’s Supernatural) and had a healing from a stabbing pain in my right eardrum which had been with me for several days untreated. Thank you for your obedience to the Father. Shalom.”    Yvonne

“This may sound silly to some but I had really been suffering with sinus congestion and just could not get any relief. No matter what medicine I tried my sinuses would not drain and I was feeling miserable. I only heard a couple of minutes  of your shofar and my nose started running. Most people would have been annoyed but I was thrilled! I could breathe and the sinus headache left me!! I can’t even begin to describe how your shofar made me feel spiritually. Saying my Spirit was filled with joy is an understatement.”    Beverly

“I have received good news from my friend, Amy. She went for a mammogram today, and they also did an MRI on both her breasts. The large lump that she found out to only be a cyst, and the technician told her she did not see any cancer!  Praise the LORD! Amy is quite thankful and relieved. Thank you again for agreeing with me and blowing your shofar!…God is so good! ”   Carol

“I have an aunt who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She had been hurting for four years in her back. She went to the doctor and he indicated she had cancer in that area. She was in severe pain day and night.  She was taking a lot of pain medication.  When I visited her one morning, she indicated she was in a lot of pain.  I felt compelled to get the CD of the shofar blowing and play it for her. I ask her to position herself in front of the CD player. As it began to play and the sound of the shofar began to ring out, she began to praise Yeshua and speak in tongues. This led into a time of praise and worship.  After things came back to earthly order, she told me she felt the pain as it left her back.  She was no longer in pain and is no longer in pain. She came to our church and testified that the pain was gone after hearing the shofar. We played the shofar CD that night at church and we are now receiving reports that other miracles took place. Praise The Name of Yeshua!”     Pastor Eugene

“Three weeks ago I fell at work where I sell furniture. I lost my footing and fell flat on my back onto a nearby sofa just missing a glass coffee table.  It left me in extreme pain. I could not turn my neck or look down without searing pain. I was on medication, using pillows, doing stretches, and messages- all to no avail. I was fearful that I had permanent damage. The first night Don was in our home he gave us his testimony about the healings that were taking place with the sound of the shofar. Without hesitation I asked him to blow the shofar over my back.  That night immediately I had full movement with no pain in the spine area. Only minimal pain in the muscles remained. By the end of the next day the muscle pain was totally gone! Healed….totally restored!!  Praise be to our Daddy and His love for His children. How awesome and loving is He who strategically places Himself through yielded vessels to perform His work.”  Patricia,  FL

“I wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I think back on the day often, and continue to be grateful to you for taking the time to sit and share the word and your music with three people who didn’t even know which end was up,  let alone what to believe in.  I came through my radiation process with no visible signs of tumors left in my brain. I’ve been tested every three months since our visit together and as recently as this week have received positive test results and there are no signs of reoccurrence in either my body or my brain! I am now in the 7th month of the “6 months to live” diagnosis.  Peace is very hard to find in situations like these and your visit brought some to me. Thank you for your patience with our doubts and your faith in the power of Jesus.”  Barb,  PA

The Shofar is a biblical trumpet used in worship as well as a tool used by God declaring PRAISE, VICTORY, DELIVERANCE, and HEALING of His Land and people.