As a child, Don attended church, and was raised in the ways of THE LORD. At age 41, he rededicated his life to the LORD and re-grasped his salvation upon the top of the Blue Mountains in Pennsylvania while attending a marriage weekend retreat with his wife. After a number of years of serving as a group leader with his wife, Sue, in Marriage Ministries International, and praying for ministry direction for more than twelve years he was led to the shofar. Don began playing the shofar in 1995 in his home church after being introduced to the heavenly instrument by Dick Reuben at the great Brownsville revival. 11 years later, Don met Paul Wilbur by divine appointment in Columbus, Ohio. Since that divine meeting with Paul, Don has accompanied Paul and the team both here in the US and on numerous international events in Asia, Europe, and Latin America.
During a conference in Florida in 2007, Prophet Bob Griffin spoke a word over Don saying in front of nearly a thousand people, “ God has told me to tell you “Whenever you blow, the CANCER MUST GO!” Since then, the Lord has specially gifted and called Don to sound the shofar over people battling illnesses. Healing and deliverances have been manifested. People have been healed by God of various diseases including a specific anointing focusing on cancer. A man with golf-ball sized lumps in his lungs was healed of cancer the very same night as the word was spoken over Don! Even animals have been documented as being healed.
Don now travels internationally as a shofar player with Paul Wilbur Ministries, as well as independently with many other ministries speaking and playing the shofar at many conferences. Don also visits churches as a guest speaker and leads anointed healing and deliverance services. In just a few short years, Don has gone from a music store owner in Harrisburg, PA to traveling internationally to minister God’s love, grace, healing, and compassion. Through these activities, The “Voice of God” Shofar Ministry, Inc. was birthed. Each month Don is now receiving dozens of orders for his CDs, “Take Me In” and “Shofar In The Key Of Worship”. Don and his wife Sue, along with their son Nathan, live in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. You can reach Don by writing to him at don@voiceofgodshofars.com.