“The shofar is an instrument that will one day announce the coming of the King and wake the dead. In more than 30 years of ministry I have heard many attempt to play this heavenly instrument but, until I met Don, very few with any success, much less anointing. Don is one of the very select players I have invited to join me and my team as we travel the world to minister in word and worship. ”
Paul Wilbur, Integrity Music Artist, Jacksonville, Florida

“The ancient sound of the ram’s horn calls to mind God’s majesty and power. Don Heist’s blowing of the shofar has been a stirring and memorable part of many of our Rosh Hashanah celebrations here at CBN. Thank you, Don, for sharing your marvelous talent with so many.”
Pat Robertson, Founder and Chairman
The Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc.

“Don is a wonderful man of God with a truly unique and anointed gift that powerfully transports the listener to the days of the Bible and into the presence of God.”
Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

“I have never heard anyone play the shofar like Don Heist!”
Sid Roth on It’s Supernatural!

“I have listened to nearly all of your new CD – it is PHENOMENAL and ANOINTED! I was so blessed in the car listening to it that I could hardly drive!”
Susan, Ohio

“There is a sound in heaven that moves earth. Don Heist can bring heaven into earth’s atmosphere. He not only knows the sound, but causes the sound of heaven to be heard by many. KEEP BLOWING YOUR HORN! ”
Chuck Pierce, Glory of Zion Ministries, Denton Texas

“Don Heist’s playing of the shofar was both technically accomplished and highly anointed. It was done at the right time, with the right pitch and optimal intensity. It brought a new dimension – one that was deeper and more powerful to the worship sessions in Tubingen, Germany. I just can’t adequately describe it in words; it was just shofar playing like none other.”
David Wong, United Kingdom

“For me it was the first time in my life I heard the shofar played with anointing – you have a wonderful ministry that has taken us into the presence of God and that has opened new doors in the spiritual realm.” Jobst Bittner, Tubingen, Germany.

“In my lifetime, from synagogue services in my youth to decades of church services and Messianic Jewish meetings, I have heard countless shofar blasts, but none so sweet, melodic, precise, well timed, and appropriate as the shofar blasts of Don Heist. He is one of the few men I have ever heard who knows how to play the shofar – and he does it for the glory of God.”
Dr. Michael Brown, President FIRE School of Ministry, North Carolina

“Hi Don, I received your cd today and it is awesome! Oh I wish I could blow my shofar like you! It is absolutely beautiful, and I want to thank you so much. I cherish it, and can’t wait to play it for a cousin of mine who just recently bought a shofar…GOD BLESS YOU!!”
Carol, Arkansas

“I believe so much in the ministry of the Shofar, you are one awesome dude! I am moved everytime I sound the shofar and am shaken every time I hear the sound come thru you. You are a great man of God. Thanks for splitting the sky with your mighty horns!”
Danny, Texas

“I absolutely loved your CD. Well worth the wait! It is dripping with anointing and I have recommended it to many people.”
Shirley, PA

“Thank you so much for the CD. I got it today on my way to the library and was moved to tears so heavily that I had to sit in the car for awhile! Wow, God touched me through your beautiful CD! Anointed is the perfect word for it. I have never heard anyone play the Shofar with the anointing and skill you have. I get chills and tears every time I hear it. Keeping that sound in my mind looking forward to hearing it on the day the Lord calls us all Home!” Don, I hope I don’t wear the CD out, I can’t stop playing it! 🙂 I’ve told everyone about it. It is definitely anointed! Many Blessings my friend!
Julie, FL

“I happened to catch a guy on a Christian TV show who blows a shofar over people with cancer and by the grace of God many get healed. The next day I am invited to a bible study group and this guy (Don Heist) is a guest speaker! When the shofar man has ministry time, I put Jaheim on the phone to listen to it. And someone made the declaration over him. “Jaheim will live and not die. He will become a man of God, serve Him and share with others the wonderful things that God has done.” Jaheim makes his doctors laugh. He tells them, “I feel good, a man blew a horn and blew the devil out of me!”
?? Indiana

“The “Take me in..” CD is AWESOME! I am so moved by the Holy Spirit that comes thru it, I weep every time I listen.”
Danny, Texas

“Got the cd and it’s sooo amazing! I LOVE hearing you play the Shofar. This cd is truly a blessing. Thank you for this wonderful gift.”
Kim T., Virginia