The Shofar




By Richard Booker

Have You Heard The Sound Of The Shofar? The shofar is one of the most ancient musical instruments that are still used in our modern world. We first read about it in the book of Exodus when God blew the shofar to call the people to Himself at Mount Sinai. Throughout the ages, the shofar has been an important part of Jewish life. But in these last days Believers are being called by God to discover the Jewish roots of their faith. The result is that there is a growing interest around the world in the use and sounds of the shofar. In this publication, Dr. Booker tells us what the Bible says about the shofar, how it calls us to the Messiah, and the practical application of the shofar for our lives today. Dr. Booker helps you discover: The importance and use of the shofar, The shofar and the Messiah, Why the shofar is blown, The basic sounds of the shofar, The shofar and Jesus, The call of the shofar for our lives today

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